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We’re moving…

November 19, 2010

And the change will be permanent once the design & layout for the new site are up… so please make sure to follow us at Here , and remember to bookmark the site.

Stale pretzels…and release?!

October 18, 2010

The missing stereo dialed turned up [ see May 22 release post titled: A missing Hubcab, missing wife, and missing him]. It was lodged underneath the seat behind a jar of stale salted pretzels.

I think this is a good sign, don’t you?


And now onto our releases!

A Small Sheep Dreams Story 1 DDL
Futago Volume 2, Chapter 6
Mani Mani Story 1 (joint w/ Hotcakes)

Taking Her Sweet Time.

September 17, 2010

I’m sure you all want to grab me by the throat by now for making such a grand exit [Yes, I’m that irresistable], but I had a very legit reason. I know, I know. The links are down because I didn’t inform the host during my absence, so he’s kicked me to the curb. I nearly called it quits if it wasn’t for the huge surge of emails and comments that kept harassing me out of my deep hibernation. *Shakes fists at YOU and YOU and YOU*

Links on the website will re-upped by Tuesday soon , and we will be releasing again shortly. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW HOSTING OF OUR PROJECTS for practical reasons.

If you want us to survive until the projects you love are finished, then please follow this simple rule. I am not afraid to briefcase my projects and high-tail it for the Swiss hills.

/Slight edit: Because my inbox got spammed with comments about Bitou Lollipop, we’re happy to inform you that we are still continuing with the project, though it will be a joint with Forbidden Garden and until I get the raws and translations, I can’t give a lead time on when we will start releasing for the project again.

However, on an unfortunate note, I lost the Himawari raws file, and it was my last copy. The manga is no longer in print, so I will do my best to try and find it at the used book stores. The worst news yet to come concerns only those following Heart o Uchinomese! We’re not capable of continuing with the project, so we have decided to drop it. However, the good folks over at Evil Flowers have picked it up from Ch. 6, so watch out for the new releases there!

Goodbye, Stiletto Heels? (Drum roll, please)

June 20, 2010

You can put away your crowbars and baseball bats now. This definitely isn’t a good-bye post. We just like pulling your legs, because it’s just waaaay too easy. ;p

In between nearly peeing my pants watching Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (the Blizzard segment which doesn’t even count as one of the nightmares in the film) and being called a wussie by my brothers; peeling back my eyelids into my eyeball sockets at the visually sensual and action-packed splendor of Read or Die the OVA (for the 100th time); breaking a leg after falling off a tree while trying to save my mackerel tabby, Emma, and being forced to take medical leave because I needed the time to recuperate from the trauma of being my betrayed by my own cat my leg; and then getting a sore throat and a fever for several days (which I’m still suffering through now as we speak) and seriously contemplating my own death and how incredibly dorky (and nonsensical) it would have been to have it read aloud at my funeral that “She died of a sore throat”……

I managed to get some scanlation work done.

I knew you were all waiting ever-so-patiently, including the Veins Heels’ staff, who must have thought I was dead. Let me just say (and I speak for the entire team here) that your comments (Yes, we do read them) have been a good, swift kick in the rear-end. Without them, who knows how long I could have wallowed in my own self-pity?

Up for grabs:

Bitou Lollipop Volume 1, Chapter 3 DDL
Veins Chapter 3: Lion DDL

A missing Hubcab, missing wife, and missing him

May 22, 2010

So some floosie breaks my car window and makes off with a radio dial, an MP3 charger and the hubcab on my rear left tire. For what seemed like an eternity, I stood utterly silent, mouth agape, lamenting into the dark, empty concaves where the bolts for the hubcab should have been.

My dad shoots me a meek smile and says, ” Thank god, the hubcap only cost me 20 bucks.”

Now when I drive to work, strangers ogle my hubcap-less, rear-left tire and snicker mercilessly.

Futago Ch.5 – Ayaka missing from home prompts Sakurada-san to confront Yukari, who in turn forces him to confront Ayaka, who in turn says she doesn’t want to go back home? *Pulls hair*

Futago Volume 1, Ch. 5 DDL

Himawari Ch. 2 – Hikaru and Tsugumi exercise their lip muscles.

"Stick out your lower lip... like dis."

Himwari Ch. 2 DDL

Here again, to stir up the dust.

May 9, 2010


A message from the Queen of Antics a.k.a Hatsumimi a.k.a bedridden woman hereby reads:

[quote] I come in the name of peace (and maybe to wreak a little havoc in your static lives), and offer you the fruits of a few weeks of labor: Double Iketani releases. Oh, joy!

Futago Ch. 4 DDL
Bito Lollipop Ch. 2 DDL

Why did it take a few weeks to do two measley chapters, you ask? Blame it on 13 episodes of Pretear, wisdom teeth, dehydration, and exams (for the staffers).

For those of you wondering what the heck the titles mean, Futago means twins, and the bitou in ” Bitou Lollipop” stands for “low in sugar,” which is an apt name to apply to this manga, because – let’s face it – when we think of shoujo, 99.9% of the time, we get this saccharine, sugary taste foaming in our mouths.

Most shoujos are – well, dare I say it? – ” candy floss”. Bitou Lollipop sets itself apart from the start: The title speaks for itself.  And if that’s not enough to convince you, let me tell you (rolls up sleeves) how it succeeds in 3 ways:

1) Having the craziest of crazy female manga artists to spin the tale (you can tell just by reading her free talk sessions),
2) the zaniest characters (with equally zany expressions),
and 3) an addicting and convincing story to back up all the strange antics.

If you haven’t started reading, do so now! Or else. *cracks knuckles* [end quote]

Just because she’s sick, doesn’t mean she can’t whoop your ass, so I suggest you better get moving.

What Would You Do With a Million Bucks?

April 13, 2010

We're saying it's time for another release, my dear.

And for those who haven’t already known, this was originally a project we were working on at an An Endless Story, until the place became increasingly and depressingly more inactive. We’ve shuttered most of the projects and a few members we could salvage here and will be bringing some really trippy shoujo to you shortly.

I hope this hasn’t put a crease on anyone’s day, and I hope the readers from An Endless Story will know that we didn’t disband with any hard feelings. After all, how can there be hard feelings when there’s nobody on the other end to receive them, right? :p

Read Online or DDL